Prof. Dr. Detlef Stern

Investigating a New Programming Language

Currently, I am investigating new programming languages. I do this several times a year. Sometimes I stumble over the same languages, sometime I discover something new. The same for now.

Everything started with reading the JBoss Administration Manual. I wanted to try out some of the Java classes but I was too lazy to use the compiler. Hmm, there are several languages for the Java VM. Since I am quite familiar in Python (in my previous company we developed the whole new product in Python) I took a look at JPython. I dropped it fast, because I do not want to un-learn Python 2.4 and to move back to 2.1.

BeanShell is the next candidate. Quite nice. Several years ago, I used it in my project. It is still useful for fast experiments and prototypes. However, I would use it only to glue code. Developing a whole product just with BeanShell would probably too hefty.

Now I am trying out Nice. I heard about it, now it’s time to give it a try. I like the automatic type inference. Java’s gibberish is boring me. I want to have a DWIM language. It should not automatically solve my problem, but i should not stand in my way. The problem with Nice is its interpreter. It does not have one. You are locked in the edit-compile-run cylce. Not Nice.

The other programming language I currently learn is Ruby. But that’s another post.